Intergenerational Transmission of Culture through Storytelling from students of Vasanth Shala

Vasant Shala, run by the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh offers multilingual education in the Chhota Udaipur district of Gujarat. In its curricula and pedagogy Vasanthala gives primacy to the children’s oral and cultural traditions of tribal communities. Their stories, poems, songs, art, and theatre connect students to their cultural heritage and also give them an opportunity to understand from practical, hands-on learning experience and develop sensitivity and respect for diverse cultures.

Demonstration Stories Lineup
1.Ek Yayo Ane Sui (mother and child) by Vasantha Bhill
2.Banevi and Chito (Jamai and Lion) by Parshu Dhanak
3.Jamai ni Jadu by Ketan Bhill
4.Dosa ni Kachindo (Granny & Girgit) by Ranjan Rathava
5.Lalchu Chuha (Greedy Rat) by Viraj Rathva
6.Dosa ni Kukda by Alisa Bhill