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Artworks by Dr Anunaya Chaubey

Dr Anunaya Chaubey

Dr Anunaya Chaubey is the Provost at Anant National University, India’s first Design University. He is a well-known artist and academic in the fields of literature and art history. A self-taught painter, his works explore the individual and communal worlds – mundane yet layered and subtly textured. Many of his paintings are to be found both in public and private collections all around the world. Over the past ten years, he has taught different courses on art appreciation, which gives an evolutionary account of arts. His courses have provided a converging ground for ideas and concerns drawn from multiple subject domains and disciplines. He has wide administrative experience in the education space and has contributed to several institution-building exercises in both India and abroad. In addition to serving at Anant National University, Dr Chaubey has been the principal of Art College at Patna University and the deputy dean of the post-graduate Young India Fellowship program at Ashoka University.

Paintings by Dr Chaubey                                                                                                      Animations by Dr Chaubey