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Making Kimchi in Yeongum Village

Korea (RoK) has been part of my life journey since 1998. I have had several engagements there. It is a great country that addressed legacies of colonialism and overcame severe poverty to become one of the most vibrant economies in the world. The considerable value that Korea places on its arts, culture and heritage is commendable. Substantive budgetary allocations are made every year by the central, provincial and city administrations. What remains a major realisation for me since moving back to India is that Korea, China and Japan, some of the leading economies in the world, retain the primacy of their first languages in all aspects of their social, economic and cultural lives. But in India English is preferred. In Andhra Pradesh we constantly tell both children and adults that you can achieve progress without compromising on your own language and culture. It is an enormous challenge for us. I felt humbled by the Publisher of Cheonji Daily for the invitation to share my global perspectives through their monthly magazine Geulmaru. Here is a selection. Please note that several of the articles also appear as slightly edited versions elsewhere in the world such as Heritage Matters. However, Geulmaru is richly illustrated. The contributions are in both Korean and English. They are used in several places for teaching both Korean and English.

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