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Heritage Matters 12 | Heritage and Values | 12 December 2020 | 7:30-9 PM IST

Date: 12th December 2020, Saturday

Time: 1930-2100 Indian Standard Time (7:30 – 9:00 PM)

Recording Link: Click Here

Research and evaluation of Heritage Matters Webinars reveal that COVID 19 has opened up opportunities to: address inequities in the system to embed sustainable in SDGs; transform education and workplaces to rebuild the way we do things; rethink leadership as transformative, inclusive and collaborative; scope with immediacy new approaches to the climate crisis; and address culture as an integral part of UN Agenda 2030. To sustain these aspirations, especially from the younger generations, how well can we focus revealing the values of the built environment and reshaping urban conservation, and consequently enabling cities to develop towards more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable environments? Could we address the inDivisibility of heritage and values to build future possibilities and normalities – yes in plural, multivocal and pluri-praxis to respect global cultural and linguistic diversity? Eminent panellists will address these and more questions and contestations to stimulate thinking.

Panellists: Prof Dr Ana Pereira Roders, UNESCO Chair in Heritage and Values, TUDelft, Delft; Prof Rabindra Vasavada, Architect FRAS, Former Head, Centre for Conservation Studies, CRDU CEPT University, Ahmedabad; and Ritika Khanna, Heritage Consultant and Researcher, MA in World Heritage, New Delhi.

Host: Prof Dr Amareswar Galla, Professor of Inclusive Cultural Leadership, Anant National University, Ahmedabad and Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, Australia.

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