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Sharvari Mehta

Sharvari Mehta is a Software Engineer with a research interest on livelihood generation as a tool for women empowerment.

She is currently working as the Manager, International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, Anant National University. She was a research assistant to Prof Amareswar Galla in the Amaravathi Heritage Town where she worked on various fronts including media & communications strategy development, designing collection management system; developed & established a website for International Institute of Inclusive Museum(iiiM) & Amaravathi Heritage Centre and Museum(AHCM). She was most recently an Anant Fellow and for her LAP worked on Solid waste management in Bopal – Ghuma from source to destination by working with various stakeholders from ragpickers to Nagar Palika officials towards a zero-landfill approach. She has also worked for community development in Egypt at the Egyptian Society for Integrated Development (ES4ID), Cairo. She worked with rural women to reduce the middlemen in the supply chain. As the founder of Virokart, she focused on creating a platform for customized products and artisans. An alumnus of AIESEC Udaipur, she also worked with various NGO’s. Sharvari has been the Editor of The CTAE Times and a blogger at Learning Hotspot. She has organized various events and campaigns in AIESEC and CTAE.

Sharvari is an avid reader and startup enthusiast who loves to travel.